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Twitch Clips

Experience Lightening-Fast Lure Changes with the Twitch Clip


I own Getchaone Charters and I'm a huge fan of the clips. They make it easier than tying a loop knot on Mirrolure Mirrodines when your hands are freezing! Another major bonus is they don’t hinder the lures action. Last two days I’ve caught 60+ trout and redfish using 1 Junior Clip.

Capt Gene Perry, Nags Head, NC

Ice fished today and used your clips to change jigs. Even with gloves I switched jigs guickly. It is -2 deg here so without clips I would not have been able to tie on a new jig without taking my gloves off. I did get 6 nice bluegills.

Dennis H, Rockford, IL

Customer service and shipping are awesome! I have one hand only and love to fish. The Clips and a pair of hemostats save me a ton of aggravation and time. Keep up the good work.

Jeff, Springville, TN

Game-Changer! Retying lures is a pain and time-consuming but I like to switch often.  Snap swivels are hard to operate.  Clips make it so easy to switch lures in seconds. I caught several 29-30" reds on the Junior and it held up like a champ. 

Eric- Abbeville, LA

I've fished all my life and can't believe I've never heard of these.  I take a family of 4 fishing often and Clips lets me change out 4 rods quickly which used to take 15 mins.   I save so much time not having to cut and re-tie 4 rods and lures. 

Mark S, New Jersey

I'm a tournament angler and every second is crucial.  Clips enable me to switch lures on the fly without re-tying and losing precious fishing time.

Scotty, Santa Monica, CA

Space is limited in a kayak. I only need to bring 1-2 rods and I can switch lures easily without having to fumble with knots.

Marcus, Many, La