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Twitch Tips - Hacks for Fishing & Outdoors

  • Grilled Redfish on the Half-Shell

    I have cooked redfish on the half-shell for about 25 years.  But I was rarely overwhelmed with the results...  I discovered a game changing tip th...
  • Twitch Tip: Rigging Weighted Hooks

    Todays Twitch Tip we show the benefits of using weighted hooks Texas-rigged with soft plastics for fresh or saltwater fishing combined with the Clip to switch lures quickly.  Plus how to rig them without tearing up your soft plastics so they last longer. 
  • Twitch Tip: Gerber Tool- A Must Have

    In this Twitch Tip of the Day we’re talking about the most underrated fishing tool.  It is #1 on my must-have list.  Where's the pliers?  I admit I...
  • Twitch Tip: Two Clips and a Popping Cork

    One of my favorite features of the Twitch Clip is when fishing with a popping cork.  The setup uses two clips and allows me to try a variety of offerings to the fish, without having to re-tie for lure changes.
  • Twitch Tip: Quickly Switch Lures in a kayak (or anywhere)

    I was introduced to a second major game-changer that added to my efficiency while kayak fishing. This was the fish clip.  The #1 benefit is being able to switch lures fast. 

  • How We Started

    Is that a paperclip on your fishing lure?
  • Twitch Tip: Clip Instructions

    We'll give instructions on how to use the Twitch Clip but first we'll quickly cover the benefits.  The #1 benefit is being able to switch lures fast.  In this video it takes me 2 seconds.  Don't blink because you'll miss it.