Twitch Tips - Hacks for Fishing & Outdoors

  • Twitch Tip 5 Gerber-Nerd - Tools of the Trade

    Where's the pliers?  I admit I nerd out on the Gerber MP400 Flik Multi-Pliers. No one ever knows where the pliers are when needed most- after catch...
  • Twitch Tip 4: Two Twitch Clips and a Popping Cork

    One of my favorite features of the Twitch Clip is when fishing with a popping cork.  The setup uses two clips and allows me to try a variety of offerings to the fish, without having to re-tie for lure changes.
  • Twitch Tip 3: Switch Lures Fast In a Kayak (or anywhere)

    I was introduced to a second major game-changer that added to my efficiency while kayak fishing. This was the fish clip.  The #1 benefit is being able to switch lures fast. 

  • Twitch Tip 2: How We Started

    Is that a paperclip on your fishing lure?
  • Twitch Tip 1: Twitch Clip Instructions

    We'll give instructions on how to use the Twitch Clip but first we'll quickly cover the benefits.  The #1 benefit is being able to switch lures fast.  In this video it takes me 2 seconds.  Don't blink because you'll miss it.