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Twitch Tip: Two Clips and a Popping Cork

Twitch Fish Clips allow you to switch lures fast.  In this Twitch Tip I demonstrate quick lure changes in seconds on this short video here.

One of the most efficient popping cork methods utilizes two Clips and one cork.  This setup allows you to try multiple offerings with your cork without cutting your leader for lure changes. Plus you can abandon the cork and swap to different lures. 

The Setup 

Popping corks and twitch clips

I like a 7' Medium action spinning rod with a 2500 reel spooled with 20# braid.  

Step-By-Step Instructions 

  1. Start by tying your main line to a Junior or Small Twitch Clip using a polymer knot. Here I'm using braid.  I talk about knots for tying to clips here.
  2. Now slide the popping cork eyelet on the clip.  Here I'm using a Four Horseman Popping Cork. It's tough, loud and handmade in Louisiana. 
  3. Tie on a leader.  I use 20-25# fluorocarbon being more abrasion resistant, harder for fish to see and less stretch vs mono-filament.
  4. At leader end, tie on another Clip using a polymer or improved clinch knot.  Now you can switch lures at will.  No need to cut the leader when switching lures.   

Now What? 

Bare Hook
With a bare kahle or circle hook we can offer up live, dead bait or plastics.  Alternately you can stand out from other anglers' presentations by hooking a Gulp Swim Minnow or Shrimp through the bait nose.  This weightless setup provides a slow natural fall with longer time in the strike zone.  For a quicker fall and different action, mash a 1/4 oz or less split-shot on your leader. If these tactics don't work remove the hook and move onto the next lure without cutting your leader and retying.

Plastic Shrimp
Plastic shrimp are proven effective lures.  More and more lifelike shrimp imitations are coming out.  Try different speeds between your pop.  Sometimes trout will hit the bait 10-15 seconds after a pop.  Let the current move the bait.  You can always revert to tipping with dead shrimp, effective when they're not eating plastics.

Jig Head
Then there's the jig-head with multiple options.  We can fish it bare with shrimp/bait, use Gulp or plastic lures with or without tipped shrimp. 

Weedless Hook
If you are in grassy areas try a weedless hook such as Overcast's XRS with the lock-in design.  Slide weight into the head of your plastic and embed the hook. Now you have a weedless popping cork setup.

Change Lures At Will
At any time you may want to switch from the popping cork to a different lure.  Simply remove your popping cork from the top Twitch Clip and clip on your next lure.  

More Fishing Time
Utilizing two twitch clips for your popping cork setup provides multiple options within the popping cork.  It also allow you to remove the entire cork and switch to another lure.  This saves time on the water not having to switch rod or cut and re-tie.  This results in more time to potentially catch more fish.

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