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How We Started

If you've fished before you've likely used a snap swivel.  It allows anglers to change baits without re-tying a knot.  But the world of swivels, snaps and fish clips have evolved. Fish Clips are not new but it's an accessory many anglers aren't familiar with.  It is known by several names: quick clips, power clips, fast snaps, fish clips, angler clips, fastlink clips, fast snaps, lure clips.  The little things look like paper clips and provide immense efficiency and value to anglers.  


I was an avid kayak angler especially enjoyed tournaments.  I was hardcore about not wasting seconds, having my line in the water as much as possible to increase my odds of catching.  Retying, switching baits and switching rods is a challenge in a kayak.  That's when I discovered the paperclip style quick clip.  This clip has minimal failure rates and hang ups.  I was most impressed by how it was saving valuable time switching lures.  I could bring 2 rods for all my needs and have the clips on each rod. 

We found ourselves frustrated with clips on the market because of them not locking lures in, hurting fingers or failing all together. More importantly to us there was no company leading the way with quality and customer service.

This Twitch Fish concept started on a lost trophy trout.  My cast ended with a huge explosion by a speckled trout on a MirroLure She Dog.  I knew it was a monster trout.  The fight ended with nothing on the end of my line. I reeled in disappointed to learn my lure was gone because the quick clip (brand name omitted) I was using failed.  The culprit was the clip not locking in my lure which allowed my lure and big trout to slip off.  This ignited the fuel for Twitch Fish Clips.  

Working in manufacturing my professional career and an entrepreneur the light bulb went off.  We felt existing products were poorly marketed with no customer service.  Tackle shops didn't carry them so we set out to produce them at our specifications and an affordable price. The goal was offer quality products around the Twitch Fish brand with responsive custom service. 

Corona virus played a big part in starting Twitch Fish.  In 2020 we opened our online store so customers can buy directly from us. Our family is learning about start-ups and are fill clip orders.  We recently expanded our products to apparel.  Our first-release collection include our logo-branded lightweight shirts and hoodies, hats and gaiters.   

It is our goal to expand offerings of efficiency-focused fishing and outdoors products.

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