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Twitch Tip w/ Video : Faster Improved Clinch Knot- Tetherball Method

The improved clinch knot, or the good-old clinch knot, are typically the 1st knot anglers learn.  I prefer the improved over the clinch because of it's redundant security.  The improved clinch is versatile because it works with almost any lure and line type.  But there is a speedy method of tying the knot that saves valuable minutes of fishing time. 

Many anglers finger-fumble the lure or the line with each painstaking, time-consuming wrap of the line when tying knots.  Admittedly I am impatient which is why Twitch specializes in efficiency tools

I joined a fishing club out of high school.  All I had were Zebco's and I couldn't tie knots.  I was green.  My partner showed me what I call the tetherball technique.  You'll likely recall the school-yard game with the pole and a ball attached to a rope. 


Same concept here.  Think about tetherball when you are winning. This method minimizes finger fumbling and twisting by hand.  We allow the line do the line-wrapping for us.  It can be super quick and fun.  Rather than describe it, the video shows how it's done.  It is rewarding to swap lures and get back to fishing in seconds versus minutes.

 Here are right-handed instructions-

  1. Feed tag end through lure eyelet.  Grab tag with right-hand. 
  2. Lay the mainline from your rod over your left index finger.
  3. Pull 10-12” of tag end over the line on your left hand index finger. Pinch both lines between index and thumb. 
  4. Let lure hang straight down with about a foot of both lines (The lure is your tetherball base).  
  5. Keep left hand still.  In a downward clockwise fashion, wrap the tag end around both lines with your "tetherball" (the right hand) making 8-10 wraps. 
  6. Feed tag through bottom loop, just above the lure. 
  7. Run tag through top loop. Moisten line, pull lure slowly to secure knot.  Snug knot and trim tag end.  
    Twitch Tips - careful not to over snug your knot. Over-tightening may weaken the line/knot.  Also don’t trim the line right up to the knot just in case there is any slippage during a fish-fight. 

With practice you will develop a cadence with the wrap, saving valuable minutes of fishing time.

See image www.netknots.com 

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