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Twitch Tip: Clip Instructions

I am big on fishing efficiencies and having my line in the water so I can increase my odds of catching.  The Twitch Clip enables switching lures fast.  Similar concept as a snap swivel but Twitch Clip allows quicker bait changes, is a 1-piece construction and doesn't have a swivel (although one could be added). We'll give instructions on how to use the Twitch Clip but first we'll quickly cover the benefits.

#1 is the ability to switch lures fast.  In this video it takes me 2 seconds.  Don't blink because you'll miss it.  

#2 - Secure and Add Action to Lures
Secures lures with the lure lock.  The lure is locked in a loop and it adds action to lures.  

#3 - Multiple Guests Rods
If you take guests fishing who don't tie knots this will save the frustration of re-tying lures on multiple rods in seconds not minutes.

#4 - Keep your leader length
No need to cut down your leader anymore. Eliminate re-ties. 

#5 - Bring Less Rods
Switching lures is easy so bring less rods.


Simple instructions for using the clip

1) Tie line at end (A) - the side with the 45 degree bend.
2) Feed lure / hook eyelet through wire end (b). Slide lure to opposite end (c) to lock in place.

The knots I use on the clip
 I typically have braid on my combos so I usually add a fluorocarbon or mono leader (for topwater).  Then I tie on the clip using an improved clinch knot or polymer.  Depending on the situation such as water clarity (or laziness) I may also tie the clip directly to braid using a polymer knot.  

The clip eliminates re-tying.  You gain fishing time not dealing with knots when re-tying. Now you can change lures without the hassles of cutting and re-tying. 

Save valuable fishing time by tying less knots and switching lures fast using the Twitch Clip.  


  • Keeps plastics from sliding over hookeye.

  • Hi CHP, thank you for reading our blog and for the question. Our breaking strength’s are listed on our product page https://twitchfish.com/products/twitch-clip. Let me know if you have any questions. You can message us directly now in the chat box on the bottom of the page. But I’ll also list them here:

    Mini – 15lbs Breaking Strength | 0.15 × .51” | Stainless Steel
    Junior – 25lbs | 0.59 × 0.19″ | Stainless Steel
    Small – 45lbs | 0.7 × 0.19″ | Stainless Steel
    Medium – 70lbs | 0.9 × 0.2″ | Stainless Steel
    Large – 120lbs | 1.1 × 0.3″ | Stainless Steel

    Twitch Fish
  • What are the pound test specs for all of the different sizes of the clips?


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