Twitch Tip 1: Twitch Clip Instructions

I am big on fishing efficiencies and having my line in the water so I can increase my odds of catching.  The Twitch Clip enables switching lures fast.  Similar concept as a snap swivel but Twitch Clip allows quicker bait changes, is a 1-piece construction and doesn't have a swivel (although one could be added). We'll give instructions on how to use the Twitch Clip but first we'll quickly cover the benefits.

#1 is the ability to switch lures fast.  In this video it takes me 2 seconds.  Don't blink because you'll miss it.  

#2 - Secure and Add Action to Lures
Secures lures with the lure lock.  The lure is locked in a loop and it adds action to lures.  

#3 - Multiple Guests Rods
If you take guests fishing who don't tie knots this will save the frustration of re-tying lures on multiple rods in seconds not minutes.

#4 - Keep your leader length
No need to cut down your leader anymore. Eliminate re-ties. 

#5 - Bring Less Rods
Switching lures is easy so bring less rods.


Simple 2-step instructions for using the clip

1) Tie line at end (a).  The side with the 45 degree bend.
2) Feed lure eyelet through wire end (b). Slide lure to opposite end (c) that has the 90-degree bend to lock in place.

The knots I use on the clip
 I have braid on all of my setups so I usually add a fluorocarbon or mono leader (for topwater).  Then I tie on the clip using an improved clinch knot or polymer.  Depending on the situation such as water clarity (or laziness) I may also tie the clip directly to braid using a polymer knot.  

The clip eliminates re-tying.  You gain fishing time not dealing with knots when re-tying. Now you can change lures without the hassles of cutting and re-tying. 

Save valuable fishing time by tying less knots and switching lures fast using the Twitch Clip.  

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