Twitch Tip 5 Gerber-Nerd - Tools of the Trade

Where's the pliers?  I admit I nerd out on the Gerber MP400 Flik Multi-Pliers. No one ever knows where the pliers are when needed most- after catching a fish.  It's my go-to fishing tool. I'm all about hacks, making fishing life easier and efficiencies to minimize frustrations.  This tool is #1 on my must-have list.  For $40-50 it is the most underrated fishing tool invented that many don't know about. 

I was converted by a buddy who kept one on his belt.  I would ask to use his Flik often since forgetting pliers was common.  We fished together for years.  Eventually I stopped asking, went straight to his belt and just took it.  I would often forget to return it.  Fed up with my antics, he gifted me a Flik.  Now the tides have turned and it happens on my boat.  Most guests don't bring pliers and forget cutters.  I guess it's a captain responsibility anyway to have them onboard which I do. So I am always pulling them off of my hip to give to a guest. 

Flik sits on my nightstand and is the first thing I grab for a day of fishing. I keep a second one in my truck just in case.  Flik is different from other tools because of the one-hand opening needle-nose pliers.  With just a bit of practice, a flick of the wrist readies the pliers.  The tool comes with a belt case so it sits on my waist readily accessible.    

The accessibility of the tool on the belt is key.  The case sits on the same hip as my dominant hand.  I am right-handed, when I catch a fish, I'll secure the fish in my left hand making my dominant hand free.  Instead of walking across the boat with a fish and rod to find pliers, I just grab the Flik from my belt, open with one hand, remove hook and return pliers.  It's a time-saver having the tool on your belt and ability to stay in one place.  It beats fumbling for pliers in the community chest or figuring out where they were used last. 

Leatherman Free P2 has my interest and is next on my Christmas list.  It's hands-free with a butterfly fold out opening mechanism. Wire cutters seem better, replaceable.  And all accessories including the scissors have one-hand opening.

This one pictured has been with me since the 90's!  

The tool next to the Gerber is the Boomerang Tool Co Line Cutters.  I discovered these after fumbling with the Flik scissors.  These make cutting fishing line a cinch with one hand and readily accessible.  Included is a retractable belt clip to cut your fishing line.  It works on braid and most lines.  Huge time saver. 

Save yourself valuable fishing time on the water with hip-mounted pliers and line cutters for one-handed operation. Save even more time tying less knots and switching lures fast using the Twitch Clip.  Just be prepared to loan both tools to your fishing friends. I'm about to invest in some Christmas gifts myself. This year I'm thinking it'll be the P2 and Boomerang.

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