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Twitch Tip: Rigging Weighted Hooks

In this Twitch Tip of the Day we show the benefits of using weighted hooks Texas-rigged with soft plastics combined with the Clip to switch lures quickly.  Plus how to rig them without tearing soft plastics so they last longer.  

The first video shows how to rig a weighted hook with a fluke without tearing the lure.  This hook does not have a Twistlock spring.  Plus we show the benefits of switching lures quickly using the Twitch Clip.  Thanks to one of our ambassadors Brandon Stevens from Wisconsin for contributing his video.

Our second video we show the 2 different types of weighted hooks for Senkos, Flukes and soft plastics.  Here we use an Owner Twistlock™ with Centering-Pin-Spring (CPS) 3x weighted hook.  With the CPS lures can be secured by inserting the pin in the center of a soft plastic, then screwed on the coil spring to rig perfectly.  

Tackle Used

Video 1- Tackle: Bass Assassin Shad Assassin Fluke

Video 2-

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