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Twitch Tip: Quickly Switch Lures in a kayak (or anywhere)

In 2007 I made the move back home to Louisiana from Houston.  I was surprised to find the lack of knowledge and availability of kayaks in South Louisiana and Lafayette.  So in 2008 I started a club with 12 others dedicated to kayak fishing with help from Pack & Paddle.  We'd get together every month to fish, share launch locations, areas to fish, techniques, hold tournaments and develop community projects like marsh plantings and installing launches.

My first kayak was paddle only.  I found out how difficult it was to propel the kayak and inability to do anything else.  Staying on a fishing spot, changing lures, switching rods, eating a snack were nearly impossible while paddling.  I made the move to a peddle driven kayak freeing up my hands.  A game-changer.  This opened up a new world within kayak fishing.  Now I could move spots and do all those activities easily now. I could cast and fish while moving to my next spot. I could get my next bait selections ready and tied on while moving to my next area.  I could put two lines out for trolling for trout while eating or changing lures on a third rod.  All of these efficiencies were critical to me.

Then I was introduced to a second major game-changer that added to my efficiency while kayak fishing. This was a clip that looked like a paper clip. 

The #1 benefit is being able to switch lures fast.  What took minutes now takes seconds.

I didn't have to retie every time I want to switch lures.  This is time consuming especially when using braid with a fluorocarbon leader.  Every time I re-tie I'm cutting down my leader and eventually it becomes useless because it's too short.   Also I now bring a couple rods.  Rods are cumbersome with all my other gear and limited space it in a kayak.  Most of the time my rods are in rod holders with the eyes pointing up.  It can be a challenge grabbing a loose line at rod end to re-tie.   

The second benefit is two-fold. The loop on the end functions like a loop knot and adds action to lures versus tying directly to a lure.  Topwaters, subsurface plugs, jigheads and popping corks were my primary lure selections and they all worked better on the clips.  The clips are most versatile on the popping corks and I wrote an entire article on that subject. 

Then I started using them in my freshwater and bass fishing.  Naturally I started using them in the power boat, wade fishing and bank fishing. Think about having to re-tie lures while bank fishing.  I usually have a backpack loaded with my minimal lures. 

When I bring the kids and family in the boat none of them know how to re-tie lures.  I'll have four rods set up with clips allowing me to easily alternate all four rods. If we need to switch all four from one bait to another it's not taking me 10-15 minutes of tying 4+ knots.  Article on that coming soon!

So if you fish from kayak pick up a pack of Twitch Clips and see how much more efficient you'll be.  Not to mention alleviating the aggravation of re-tying your rods in a cramped kayak.    


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