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Ambassador Program

Thank you for your interest in being a Twitch Fish ambassador.  We are fortunate to have fantastic anglers in our program.  The goal of the program is to partner with ambassadors who promote and educate anglers about Twitch Fish products/brand/campaigns to expand our social following, increase awareness and revenue.  Below is program info, criteria, expectations and how to apply. People that have a strong fan base with engaging content will have a higher chance of being selected.  We welcome ambassadors to bring us campaign ideas.  We receive many inquiries annually and have limited positions.


Ambassadors are made up of anglers from different regions to promote fishing types that complement our various products. 

Ambassadors are expected to post and promote the Twitch Fish brand 2x per month minimum.  You may be asked to field test products and provide feedback.  You are the face of our brand, and you should conduct yourself in a professional and respectful manner.  


  1. Influencer – we work with influencers and content creators who have a strong following on social media for specific marketing campaigns such as a new product release or tutorial video. Influencers are given the freedom to create unique content (e.g., videos, pictures, articles) that promote Twitch Fish products.  Campaigns include product reviews, new product releases, special promotions, giveaways, etc.
  2. Brand Ambassador (Pro Staff) – Pro Anglers, Fishing guides, fishing clubs, charter captains or other professional supporters that seek product support.
  3. Junior (Collegiate or High School Teams) – Young Professionals or Teams that want to fish Twitch Fish products and are looking for product support which includes the use of company logo and a product allowance in return for brand and product support via appearances, contests and media formats, including social media outlets.


  • We require activity on at least one of the following social media outlets: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.
  • A minimum of 2 specific Twitch Fish social media posts per month, originated by your account with correct tagging as per the social media guidelines below.
  • Social media posts with clear pictures and videos of our products.
  • Fishing, educational and/or instructional videos.
  • Clips are fairly new to the industry, so we want to educate our target audience on how to use the clips, benefits of using the clips and clip rigging techniques.
  • ProStaff- Where applicable, our logo should be displayed in prominent, visible locations such as wraps for vehicles, clothing, ice chests, etc.


  • Starter package- clips, stickers and/or products to be used for promotional means based on your fishing style.
  • Sample packs for giveaways at events available upon request
  • Discount on the website.
  • Gear- Shirt, Hat, Stickers, art work/logos, stickers, etc are provided upon request.


Please gather and send us the information below using the contact page-

  1. Full name and contact information (mailing address, phone and email)
  2. Ambassador Type
  3. Social media you use, website (include name and links)
  4. Types of fishing? Flyfishing, Panfish, Bass, Offshore, etc.
  5. Fishing skills, areas of expertise and main area or region you typically fish
  6. Tell us about yourself and why you want to join our team
  7. Influencers- provide ideas on articles, videos and campaigns.
  8. All events, tournaments (include what you placed), clubs or affiliations you are involved.
  9. Submit any other links, articles, interviews that you’ve either written or been written about
  10. Provide what you are looking for from us.


When posting about Twitch Fish please use one of the following key words in your post.




Twitch Fish

Disclaimer: Twitch Fish reserves the right to terminate ambassador agreements at any time for misconduct or inappropriate behavior/posts.