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How are clips different from snap-swivels?

  • Clips make it easy to add/remove lures over traditional snaps-locks which require pressure to open and close. Lures simply slide on/off of Twitch Clips instead of having to pry open and close clamps which can be painful and difficult. Our ice fishing customers wear thick gloves in sub-zero temps and swap lures using our clips.
  • Snaps tend to wear out, straighten or unlock on large fish.  

Why don't you sell a swivel on your clip?
A majority of our customers use the clip stand-alone with their lure or hook because they like the simplicity and low-profile of the clip without the swivel action. Clips work with swivels too! Customers who want a swivel can do so by tying on a swivel of their choosing to the end of the fishing line, then slide on the clip. There are so many varieties of swivels so we leave that decision to the user. 

Why don't you just tie a loop knot?
Our clips have a loop on the end which acts like a loop knot plus it locks in your lure.  From our experience, loop knots are time-consuming knots plus with lure changes you're cutting into your leader line.  Our clips cut out the cutting and retying every time you want to switch lures and it functions similar to a loop knot.   

Are they stainless?  Will they rust?  
Our clips are stainless steel, a more corrosion resistant material over carbon steel. Stainless steel will last longer in a saltwater environment.   

What size should I get? 
Use the guide below to determine what size fits your application.  There is no hard and fast rule.  Nano is our smallest clip ideal for Fly and Panfish jigs.  The mini is for ultralight, so pond and stream bass fishing for instance.  The Junior is our "go-to" clip for most of our fishing- tough enough for largemouth bass, slot reds and speckled trout fishing.  If we know we're getting into larger reds and trout or fishing a tournament we'll use the Small.  We've caught many bull reds, drum and large cats on the small.  Medium and especially Large are ideal for offshore and big game. 

Inshore - Fresh & Saltwater Gamefish
  • Nano (20lb) Fly and Panfish Jigs- Perch, Crappie
  • Mini (15lb) Ultralight- Large Crappie, Small Bass
  • Junior (25lb)  Bass & Inshore Species (Available in Bare and Black Stainless)
  • Small (45lb) Inshore Bass, Reds, Trout, Snook, etc. 

Offshore - Big Game Saltwater & Freshwater

  • Medium (70lb)- Big Game, King Salmon, Strippers, Drum, etc. 
  • Large (120lb)- Big Game/Offshore

Where are instructions?
Right here!

Clip Instructions