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Why use clips over snap swivels? Twitch Clips are made of 1 wire and lures quickly and easily slide on/off.  Snaps require pressure to open/close which are painful and frustrating. 

  • + Clips are quick. Lures easily slide on/off
  • + Twitch Clips are made of 1 wire (stronger).
  • + Easier on hands- works in the cold and with gloves on
  • + Most anglers using clips don't want a swivel. A swivel can be added if desired.
  • - Snaps are made of multiple pieces 
  • - Swivel is not an option on snaps
  • - Snaps require pressure to open/close, sometimes needing pliers since bare fingers can't always open them. Taking more time. 
  • - Snaps tend to wear out, straighten or unlock. 

Why don't you sell a swivel on your clip?
Twitch-style lures such as topwaters, subsurface, jigs work great on clips without swivels.  Many customers use the clip stand-alone with their lure or hook because of the simplicity and low-profile of the clip without the swivel action. Plus the loop on the end of our clips locks the lure in and provide enough room for the lure to have play.  Clips work with swivels too! Customers who want a swivel can tying on a swivel to the end of the fishing line, then slide on the clip. 

Why not just tie a loop knot?
Our clips remove the cuts and re-ties for lure changes, plus it functions like a loop knot.   Our clips have a loop on the end which acts like a loop knot, not affecting the play of the lure, plus it locks in your lure.  No knock against loop knots but they're time-consuming knots for us, plus it cuts into your leader line for each lure changes.     

Do clips work on lures that have o-rings on the eyelet?
On smaller lures such as 1/4-3/4 oz lipless crankbaits, we will remove the O-ring from the lure to make it easier to use the clip. This doesn't affect the lure play. Clips act as an O-ring. 

What kind of knot should I tie to the clip?
Our go-to’s are Polymar or Improved Clinch Knot  

Are they stainless?  Will they rust?  
Our clips are stainless steel, a corrosion resistant material over carbon steel. Stainless steel will last longer in a saltwater environment.  Like any metals on lures that you put in your tackle box, they are prone to corrosion and rust.  

What size should I get? 
Use the guide below to determine the clip for your application. Our best sellers are Small and Junior.

Small is the most versatile clips that can crossover from inshore to light offshore.  Customers catch 30”+ reds, ling, snapper trout and bass inshore. 
The Junior is our "go-to" clip for inshore and lake fishing for bass, slot reds and speckled trout fishing.  

Medium and Large are ideal for offshore and big game. 

Nano is our smallest clip ideal for Fly and Panfish jigs.  The mini is ultralight for pond, stream bass fishing or larger flies.  

Inshore - Fresh & Saltwater Gamefish
  • Nano (20lb) Fly and Panfish Jigs- Perch, Crappie
  • Mini (15lb) Ultralight- Large Crappie, Small Bass, Large Flies
  • Junior (25lb)  Bass & Inshore Species (Available in Bare and Black Stainless)
  • Small (45lb) Inshore Bass, Reds, Trout, Snook, etc. 

Offshore - Big Game Saltwater & Freshwater

  • Medium (70lb)- Big Game, King Salmon, Strippers, Drum, etc. 
  • Large (120lb)- Big Game/Offshore

How do I get my lure on and off?

Clip Instructions